Dishwasher Repairs Edinburgh

If you’ve used your dishwasher every day, finding a problem that can result in you going back to manually washing your dishes can be frustrating. But at 0800 Repair Local, we aim to provide a speedy service that will mean that your dishwasher will be back up and running perfectly again in no time.

Dishwasher Repairs

Types of problems we can fix:

  1. Faulty Wash Motors
  2. Door Gasket Replacements
  3. Broken Spray Arms
  4. Problems Emptying
  5. Faulty Door Latches
  6. Replacement Hinges
  7. All Repairs Fixed

Our appliance repair team are dedicated and have what it takes to provide first class dishwasher repairs for all makes and types of dishwasher, including Diplomat, Bosch and Whirlpool. Plus, we have the experience to get to the bottom of any problem, including faulty spray arms, bad smells coming from the machine and blockages caused by limescale.

So if you’ve got a problem with your dishwasher, whether it’s stopped it working completely or is simply causing problems during a cycle, give us a call and let us provide you with first rate dishwasher repairs.

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Dishwasher Repairs
Dishwasher Repairs